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  • Rix Bank Holiday deals really do kick ass

    DON'T be a donkey this weekend...and don't miss out on our great car deals at Rix.

    This guy certainly knows how to travel in style outside our showroom today.

    But when it comes to cars, ee or ee always comes to the best car dealership in the UK at Rix of course...

    Rix is truly the only place for cars this weekend. You can get an unbelievable deal and great finance offers too.

    There’s over 350 high-quality cars in stock at Rix. 
    Not only are there top stars from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche - but all makes and models are available.
    Plus there's low-rate finance packages starting from under £100 a month and no payments made for six months.
    See our latest models at
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