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  • Forget Naked Gardening Day and get a gleaming new motor

    IT”S World Naked Gardening Day. 

    Honestly, who comes up with this rubbish?

    More worryingly, who actually mows their lawn in their birthday suit?

    Surely that’s a recipe for disaster with A&E depts all over the world stuffed full of nasty strimmer accidents and hanging basket injuries.

    Anyway it’s just another reason to get out the house - you never know what you’ll see over the garden fence today.

    So get down to Rix Motor Company and get something that will really look good outside your house rather than just a pretty new flowerbed - a gleaming new car.

    We haven’t got any lawnmowers just a stock of over 350 stunning motors.

    Not only are there top stars from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche - but all makes and models are available.

    Plus there's low-rate finance packages starting from under £100 a month and no payments made for six months.

    So forget cutting the hedge and get something really cutting edge to drive today.

    See our great new stock here