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  • Game of Thrones star teams up with Land Rover

    08/05/2016 11:03:40

    WINTER isn’t coming. But that means it’s the best time to grab a great SUV deal.

    Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen - who plays Theon Greyjoy - joined Britain’s America’s Cup sailors in New York yesterday as they prepare to do battle

  • Forget Naked Gardening Day and get a gleaming new motor

    07/05/2016 12:20:44

    IT”S World Naked Gardening Day.

    Honestly, who comes up with this rubbish?

    More worryingly, who actually mows their lawn in their birthday suit?

    Surely that’s a recipe for disaster with A&E depts all over the world stuffed full of nasty strimmer accidents and hanging basket injuries.


  • Italian Job police get stylish Gilulia QV cars

    26/07/2016 11:07:15


    While most police forces around the world are stuck with relatively dull saloons and hatchbacks, the Italian Carabinieri get wheels with a bit more elegance.

    The Italian military police force has just taken delivery of its latest rapid response vehicle – an Alfa Romeo Gilulia QV, which will join forces in Rome and Milan

    The specially-tuned Giulia r

  • It's Friday! Checkout the cars cheaper than a night out!

    06/05/2016 10:47:03


    OK it may have been a slightly shorter week because of the Bank Holiday - but it’s still time to ditch work this evening for a night on the town.

    Not only that but the weather has got warmer and summer finally feels like it’s on the way.

    Rix Motor Company are celebrating as well after their Wo

  • Ready to be a Thorn in Ando's side

    05/05/2016 16:21:02

    ROBERT THORNTON is ready to do to Gary Anderson what Chelsea did to Spurs - and destroy his Premier League title hopes.

    The Thorn takes on his fellow countryman in Manchester tonight (Thursday) with defending champ Ando needing just a point to book

  • Swap MP for MPH and vote for a new car

    05/05/2016 14:49:56

    IT’S a big day at the polling stations…but we think you should vote for a new car!

    There are local council, city mayors, the Scottish parliament and regional assemblies elections today.

    But once you’ve put an X in the box, we reckon you should sign up for an affordable finance package on a new car at Rix.


  • VW hit Clubs with new Golf GTi

    04/05/2016 16:46:21

    VW are hitting the Club hardcore style!

    The German giants have unveiled the Golf GTI Clubsport S - the hottest hatch they have ever produced.

    The Clubsport S is a two-seater version of the legendary hatch that has already smashed the l

  • Buying a car? Here's why you should choose a family-run dealership

    03/05/2016 16:16:23

    Family Run dealership

    Here at Rix, we know a thing or two about family run businesses - after all, we're one ourselves! Of course, there are all sorts of benefits to choosing a family-run car business when you're buying your next vehicle.

    Below are a han

  • How to choose the right convertible for you

    26/07/2016 11:08:18

    Mazda mx5

    Summer's approaching, and there's no better time to think about switching to a convertible. If you want the feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face this summer, there are a few steps to take before deciding which convertible is for you.

    Decide w

  • Rix ace has his eyes on £25k to spend on prestige cars

    01/04/2016 15:56:10

    Anderson Main

    GARY ANDERSON admits he is going all-out to win the Premier League three-in-a-bed battle with Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor.

    The Flying Scotsman roared level top with MVG and The Power with a 7-4 win over Dave Chisnall in Liverpool l

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